17 March, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Faol saol agat agus bas in Eirinn.

Long life to you, and death in Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day. Lá Fhéile Pádraig or the Day of the Festival of Patrick. I love it and always have. My family has strong Irish roots, which I guess encouraged my adoration, but I have to admit that I've always had quite the soft spot for Ireland and its folk.

While we Americans have over-Americanized a holy holiday, I've always found myself making it a sort of day of tribute to Ireland itself.

I make an Irish stew that I found from a native Irishwoman, along with her amazing soda bread. We play Irish folk tunes in the background over dinner then pick some movie either made by the Irish or starring Ireland to watch while sipping some Bailey's for "dessert."

(Sadly, I don't like Guinness. I've tried. It makes me sick. Forgive me, Ireland, for being such a lightweight. To my credit, I don't like American beer, either. Beer, in general, makes me queasy.)

The number one thing I'd like to do on March 17th? Be in Ireland. Still on my wishlist. But, even there, I wouldn't be spending the day in a pub. I'd like to think I would be able to find some bed and breakfast in the heart of the country where I can simply enjoy Irishness beneath my own feet.



What is your perfect St. Patrick's Day? Are you experiencing it right now?

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