29 March, 2012

Thursday Throwaway: Announcements!

I'm updating on a day I don't normally post to bring some fun blogging info to your attention.

Announcement #1

This week's Friday post will be a contribution to Spunk on a Stick's Sad Songs Blogfest. This is a special, one-time deal (for this year, at least), so be sure to stop by tomorrow for some tunes that will bring a tear to your eye and touch your soul...or at least to see what does it for me.

If you'd like to participate, just click the picture and sign up! I'll look for you when I visit the blogs on the list.

Announcement #2

Because of tomorrow's blogfest, this will be the last non-themed Visions of Other Worlds post until the end of next month. This is entirely the fault of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge beginning this Sunday, April 1st.

Over the course of the next month, I'll be posting daily (minus Sundays). Like many other participants, I wanted a theme to follow. Many of you will remember the poll I posted to help me decide what that theme would be.

I've chosen my personal favorite and, coincidentally, the winner of the poll: 14 writing topics and 12 original flash fiction pieces. Here's the skinny on how that will look throughout the month:

  • Mondays: short, sweet writing somethings based on whatever the letter of the day is
  • Tuesdays: flash fiction based on the letter of the day
  • Wednesdays: another writing something...
  • Thursdays: flashy fiction!
  • Fridays: last writing bit for the week
  • Saturdays: you have to read one last story before you're allowed to rest. Muahahaha!
  • Sundays: I hibernate.

Now, I'm doing this the same way I approach my stories: rough outline to show me the approximate direction to walk, then winging it through the particulars. For example, I might provide something useful on a Monday (say, how to pick a title) then be completely worthless on Wednesday as I spam links to my favorite character name generators.

This means that you will have to visit every single day to see what new and exciting option I have thought up (my evil plan becomes clearer by the moment, no?).

But Wait! There's More...

I need your help: every Saturday's flash fiction will be your choice!

Each week, I'd like you to post an image, thought, word, or idea in the comments that has something to do with that Saturday's letter (there's a letter schedule in the side column and I'll post a reminder at the end of every Friday post).

I'll pick one of the suggestions to write my Saturday fiction from. Even better, the winner gets a bio and link to their own blog at the beginning of the post.

I've only got two rules:
  1. Keep suggestions short and simple
  2. Only one suggestion per person, per week
I'm really excited about this and I hope you are, too - it's going to be a challenge to my writing skills, my organization, and my time management. And, well, I'm sure it will be fun. Right?

Are you doing the A to Z Challenge? Do you have any thoughts on it? Or maybe you want a head-start on the first Saturday fiction contest? Whatever you feel like, be sure to pass the word along with a tweet or like!

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