07 April, 2012

A to Z Challenge: G is for Gone

Hey all!

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Saturday Challenge awesomeness. I picked the winner but haven't had time to write the story because something really unexpected came up today. It may be that I don't have time to write the story at all today. If that is the case, I will post it tomorrow (Sunday) and link to it from here.

Thanks for being patient while I'm gone! Good luck to those of you still chugging through the challenge - week one is over! Whoo!

EDIT: The story is up now. Click HERE to see it and the winner of the Challenge!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Happy Easter to you, as well!

  2. Hope its enjoyable whatever you're doing.
    Hoppy Easter.

    1. Unfortunately, it wasn't but I got through it.

      Happy Easter to you, too!


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