01 December, 2012

NaNoWriMo Ends

We made it. And, I must say, we kicked some serious literary butt. 

My last official word count was 51,037. I crossed the finish line about two hours before NaNoWriMo officially ended. One of my closest years ever.

How about all of you, fellow WriMos? How many winners do we have? If you didn't cross the finish line, how close did you get? Does anyone need a comforting hug?

No matter how many words you wrote or what ended up coming out through your fingertips, let me congratulate you. Not every person who has a dream or thinks of a fun accomplishment even starts, let alone finishes it. You, at least, started. That's something to be proud of.

I have some post-NaNo tips that are very important for those of you planning to give publishing a go. But that will happen next week. Right now, enjoy your victory. Commiserate with others who didn't make it. And feel free to share it all in the comments. This particular post is an instruction-free zone. Here, we simply celebrate our collective literary efforts.

To the end of another year of month-long noveling!

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