04 April, 2013

#atozchallenge: [D]iablo 3

Along with writing and reading, my free time is further fragmented by the fascinating world of video games. I have two gaming consoles as well as a super-awesome-fast computer designed to run all the new graphics coming out (for at least a few more months until it, too, becomes obsolete) that I couldn't describe to you in any greater detail if I tried. I'm not the person to talk to about the technical jargon behind gaming. But I love playing.

One of the first games I was introduced to was Diablo 2 (for the die-hard fans, yes, I eventually played the first one, as well).  It should come as no surprise, then, that I was psyched about Diablo 3.  But, like, most of the gamers I play with, I have loved it, hated it, thrown tantrums at it, complimented it, insulted it, abandoned it, and revisited it...over and over.

I could tell you it's the worst game in the history of sequels since it can only be played online - which means that every time the Blizzard servers have any sort of malfunction, you can't play the game for which you shelled out $60.

I might also tell you that it is one of the stars of recently released games because of the beauty that the developers put into every level - each region is as lovely as a piece of concept art while the backdrops are, many times, absolutely stunning.

But I won't tell you either of these things. Because for every common, tantrum-inducing malfunction and each rare, jaw-dropping success, there is one thing Diablo 3 is fantastic at: its familiar nostalgia that brings back memories of late-night dungeon-looting and monster-bashing with parties of friends.

For that, I will keep playing it and I will encourage others to play it. Even if it does occasionally inspire computer-throwing rages.

If there are any fellow gamers out there, what is your take on Diablo 3? Love it, hate it, or something in between?


  1. Diablo 3 is one of the few games I've actually played all the way through. It was given to me by someone who felt I needed to expand my interests beyond my books and comics, and who insisted that even a game-challenged individual such as myself could enjoy it. He was right. Haven't played recently due to lack of time, but I have considered returning to the world again in the future.

  2. I actually haven't played it for ages, I like it but I just don't get the time! I love it because I used to play it when I was a kid (I'm still terrified of the Butcher) and it reminds me of childhood!

  3. Big Diablo fan! And yes, that was very annoying it had to be played online. When the servers are down, you're screwed.

  4. I almost bought as an ex-Wow player(no for real this time...no I won't go back, I'm serious why are you all staring at me... I...) I almost bought it, but I waited a few months. I guess I came back to the idea of buying around a wave of the tantrum side of things so I didn't get it.(Something about a live auction house something or other.) I loved playing Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, so who knows maybe I'll try it one day.


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