24 April, 2013

#atozchallenge: Where Did I Go?

As good as my intentions were, I stopped posting for the A to Z Challenge. I know, I promised much entertainment and laughter to all of you. But I have good excuses: I have a new job and I have found a wonderful new critique group which, in turn, has spawned a fresh wave of writing and editing. Add in some family time and sleep and I have little free time left. This means I won't be able to commit to the time needed to complete the Challenge this year.

Any of you regular bloggers know this old dance: when we set schedules for our blogs, we have all the time and none of the will required to meet them. When we have the will, we have none of the time. Sadly, work and my fiction writing take greater priority than writing about writing here. But I consider this a good problem to have, with which I am sure all of you would agree.

I plan to be ready and waiting for next year's Challenge with pre-written posts and a solid game plan for visiting others' blogs. Until then, good luck, enjoy yourselves, and meet tons of other new people!

(Oh, and stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks. Since I don't know what my new schedule will look like, feel free to subscribe to the blog or follow me on Facebook - that way, you'll receive the update immediately when it arrives!)

1 comment:

  1. Making time for the challenge is hard, a reason I will not be doing it again at least for awhile. It is fun, but time consuming and with other things, sometimes impossible.
    I hope things go well for you though with work and writing!


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