08 April, 2015

G is for Games [A to Z Challenge 2015]

I love a good game: board games, card games, video games, role playing tabletop games...you name it. Video games, especially, are high on my interest list. I have over a hundred games in Steam and am constantly intrigued by new titles that my husband or friends find. I love the story lines and worlds. Fantasy and science fiction come alive in the most remarkable ways onscreen. In fact, we could be here all day as I tell you about all my adventures in the various games I own.

But that's not the point of this post. Recently, I have found new entertainment in card games. Two, in particular, have taken up the last few weekends: Star Wars the Card Game and Lord of the Rings the Card Game.

I love a good card game and have owned several in the past, namely trading card varieties, but all have fallen short of what I really would like them to be. Most are too complicated or not involved enough to be worth repeating. These two games are nothing like those. Both core sets furnish two players with all they need to do battle.

Star Wars the Card Game is head to head combat of good versus evil between the two players. Light versus dark, Jedi against Sith, Empire against Rebellion, smugglers against scum: who will win? A clever countdown timer forces the light side player to hurry through the deck and take risky gambles while the dark side must protect its territories at all costs or risk losing everything.

Lord of the Rings the Card Game allows two players to join together as their own little fellowship against the game itself. It seemed an almost too-easy concept at first but it is really quite challenging. Themed player decks allow you to choose between healing, fighting, movement abilities, and strategy to try and win. Some decks work well together better than others, so it's wise to consider your teammate's choices when making your own. Once again, a timer counts down against the players with every turn, forcing you to make quick decisions to stay ahead of the doom of Middle-earth.

Both games are more adult in nature and require a fair amount of brain power but are easy to learn once you get into the swing of things. Plus, as a writer, I found myself making up stories as to why certain things were happening as I played, which made for an entirely new level of enjoyment.

If you're any sort of tabletop game player (or even just a fan or one or both universes), I highly recommend both. What do you think? Any particular games you all enjoy?

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