14 February, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Oh, innocent victims of Cupid,
Remember this terse little verse;
To let a fool kiss you is stupid,
To let a kiss fool you is worse
- E.Y. Harburg

It's not my day to write a blog post, but I must comment on the lovin' holiday that has befallen us, ready or not, single or not.
I can't help it. I like St. Valentine's Day. And it has become even more special since I married the man who is every day my deepest love and my most intimate friend.
But do you know the saint behind the day? (What? You didn't expect my love of history not to come in somewhere? )
St. Valentine (Valentinus, in the Latin) was not a person. In fact, he was several persons. How many, no one knows, nor does anyone know St. Valentine's origin. Popular opinion holds that he was a Roman who was martyred for his faith. Another less popular version claims that he was a temple priest who was put into jail during the reign of Claudius. Even the unearthing of an ancient church and catacomb dedicated to St. Valentine sheds no additional light on his past. Whoever the original was and however it happened, Valentinus was honored in 496 AD by Pope Gelasius, who marked February 14th as a celebration in his honor.
The modern name "Valentine" is derived from valens, which means worthy, strong, or powerful. Very fitting for the man who would become the unwilling sponsor of a celebration of love.
I'm honoring today by sharing the following poem with you all. I wrote it two years ago, in a fit of passion over the intense commercialism of holidays. Enjoy.

While I can’t stand all the hype
I still, though, know that I can’t gripe
About this grandiose holiday
In which lovers come out to play.

I, too, am guilty of celebrating
Love bursting forth and ne’er abating.
For who in right mind can resist
The lure of chance of being kissed?

But while the masses rush right in
Sake of expectation or favors to win
With roses and chocolate and pretty bling-bling,
I prefer something with a heartfelt ring.

Like a day spent together all nice ‘n quiet
Or in laughing and playing and causing a riot.
Perhaps a sweet verse to cause heart to take flight,
Maybe little surprises in the dead of the night.

Whatever it is that I choose to do
My special someone will know one thing is true:
That, with all of my heart, I love him dearly.
And Valentine feelings should not just be yearly.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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