27 June, 2012

Colorado Fire

As many are already aware, massive wildfires are burning across Colorado. The biggest is on the edge of Colorado Springs, a town I spent more than half my life in. It's sickening to see so much of what I and so many others love going up in flames.

Several historic structures are now gone and many homes with them. I have several friends who have had to evacuate and several more who are waiting to hear if they will need to. My heart aches over the terrible destruction that is being caused. Everyone in this area will appreciate every prayer and bit of support sent their way.

If you want to help, the Red Cross is the best. For anyone in-state, here's an up-to-date list for those who can help locally or those who need help: http://www.coloradosprings.com/articles/evacuees-15495-fire-peak.html.

EDIT: Care and Share is accepting monetary donations online for those who are out-of-state and would like to contribute support for the victims and evacuees: http://careandshare.org/.


  1. It's sooooo sad. I visited CO Springs in 1989; great town. Loved Garden of the Gods. I hope they get it under control soon. Do they know how it started?

    1. They're still investigating. It started near a popular hiking trail in Waldo Canyon. How much more tragic if this was man-made.

  2. That is so sad! I heard about the fires on the radio, but it's not the same as seeing pictures. Praying for Colorado Springs.

    1. I know they appreciate the prayers, Misha. I wish I was there - I feel so helpless watching from afar.

  3. This is horrifying...I will focus my prayers more intently on this disaster.
    Can we all agree right now?

    Father God, we come before you to intercede for our brothers and sisters in Colorado. We ask that you would protect them and their families from the ravages of this fire. We pray for help, safety, supplies, and peace.

    Thank you Jessica. You are so gracious. :)


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