21 August, 2012

A Long-Awaited Hiatus

Who doesn't love a vacation?  Even if it's simply spent at home, there is something about a break from the normal routine that is rejuvenating and even soul-filling.

With all the work running my own business entails now, I haven't had the opportunity to take a step away from everything in over a year. A year of 60-hour work weeks and missed weekends. My brain and body are longing for rest.

The long-awaited hiatus begins tomorrow. Since I've also decided to give both my mind and body a full rest, I've decided to detach from the busyness of online activity while I'm "away." So, no blog, Twitter, or Facebook posts until I get back.

You're more than welcome to continue to leave comments or email me at jessicamarcarelli[at]gmail[dot]com - I just might be slow in responding.

I think everyone needs a break like this once in awhile. Just a step away to breathe easy, let the mind wander on its own, and experience something new for a time. If any of you, my friends, have experienced this lately, I'd love to hear about it!

Unfortunately, a break always seems to arrive after an extra flurry of busy responsibilities. I thought I would have time to write a book review and maybe another set of writing tips for you this week but finishing my deadlines in order to start my leave of absence has my hours quite filled.

This is my last post, then, until September 4th.

But I have some and exciting things planned for September! The blog is going to receive a makeover, I'm working on new and improved topics, and there are a few authors I want to introduce you all to. I'm also hoping to have some announcements on my own writing endeavors then, as well.

Until then, have a wonderful August!


  1. Have a great break. See ya when you get back.

  2. enjoy you're holiday. You'll be the better for it.

  3. Enjoy yourself!

  4. Thanks for all the well-wishes! The holiday was terrific!


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