18 September, 2012

Places I Never Planned by Aimee Bontreger | Book Review

 "We each have our own unique set of circumstances, but I think we can all relate to life gone awry, being shipwrecked on an island of forgotten dreams, or feeling downright detoured off the road of expectations."

Indie author Aimee Bontreger knows what it's like to face the unexpected and how painful a journey that can be. In this debut book of short stories, she pours out unexpected circumstances on a deeper level than mere words.

From love to loss, amnesia to betrayal, from a life consumed by disappointments and back again, the individuals in Places I Never Planned must deal with the everyday trials that cause so many to give up. But these are only circumstances that don't have to define life. Will Brooke, Martin, Jefferson, and Annie rise above their circumstances or will they be consumed by them?

It's been some time since a book shook my emotions but Places I Never Planned changed all that. It captured my imagination, filled my heart, and awakened those deep places of pain in my own life in an oddly soothing way. Though I've known Aimee for years, this is the first time her writing has laid my heart bare. When I first bought my copy of this book, I intended to read one story at a time; instead, I read it all in one sitting. I just couldn't stop. After I turned the last page, I remained deep in thought for some time after, my heart aching but with hope glimmering on the surface. Only an author who wrote her own heart into these stories could have such an impact on readers. Aimee's witty observations and dry sense of humor combines with a well-paced, easy-to-read writing style that is sure to bring laughter as well as tears for anyone who knows what it is to experience pain and hope and joy in this life. This is an author to read again and again.

Available on the Kindle for $2.99,  these stories left me wanting more...and I hope there will be.

Aimee Bontreger can be contacted at her website, her Facebook page, or on her Twitter feed @onlyaimee. If you enjoyed Places I Never Planned, please take a moment to write a short review on Amazon and be sure to share this brilliant debut collection with your friends.

What are your thoughts on Places I Never Planned?


  1. I'm glad I found your blog (new follower)! Thanks for the book review. :)


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