20 September, 2012

The Kreative Blogger Award

It's time for another belated follow-through that I almost forgot about in the craziness that's been my summer. Waaaay back in June, two lovely ladies bestowed the Kreativ Blogger award upon me: Amy Brantley from Freelancin' for $1000 A Week and Sarah S. from The Writer's Experiment. Both women have outstanding blogs that have great advice and plenty of fun commentaries.

Ladies, thank you.

Now, while I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this award, there are many in the blogosphere that see this sort of thing as little better than the progression of a chain email. I understand the concern and I, for the most part, agree with it.

In the future, your comments and discussions with me are plenty of recognition. I don't need the awards, though I do appreciate them. But I don't want to spam you all, so I won't be following the "pass it forward" rules. Because of that, I don't feel that it's right for me to participate in them. Please don't be offended if you have or wanted to give me an award. This is a personal decision for myself and my blog. For me, these awards are only helpful insofar as they draw attention to good bloggers.

To that end, I'm planning guest-posts in the future. That way, you, my readers, can see why I like these bloggers, writers, and creatives while getting something out of it, too.

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