06 September, 2012

The Muse Online Writer's Conference | Thrifty Thursday

As one of the many revelations I had during my time away, I decided that it would be easier to blog when I said I would if I had a theme and schedule for each day of the month that I write.

Schedule = no navel-gazing for blogging ideas? We hope.

So today (and, I think, every first Thursday of the month) has officially been dubbed Thrifty Thursday. Thrifty Thursdays will contain all the deals on writerly supplies and events for us poor writers who want all the cool gadgets but aren't bestsellers yet so are...poor.

The thrifty deal for today is a writer's conference that is - get this - FREE. And, no, you don't have to sign away your unborn children or anything like that.

The Muse Online Writers Conference is scheduled for October 8-14 and offers writers workshops, pitch sessions with agents and editors, and more. All online. 100% free. Simply bring yourself to the nearest computer and enjoy.

Some of the workshops of this week-long conference include:

The Hows and Whys of Writing Short Stories

A Basic Writerly Logo Workshop

How to Hook an Editor in 500 Words or Less

Introduction to ePublishing

Writing 101   

One-on-one chat workshops with published authors are available, as well as pitch sessions with representatives of the Andrea Brown Agency, D4EO Literacy Agency, Blood Moon Publishing, and more.

Registration is only open until September 25 so, if you're interested, you don't want to delay signing up!


 Anyone else going? Or do you have other thrifty writing conference news you'd like to share?


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing! That's awesome!

    1. No problem! It might not be for everyone but, since it's free, even if there's just one part you like, it's worth it.


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