17 January, 2013

Blog Plans for the New Year

I know - I'm slow returning to normal life after my Christmas vacation this year. But, for those of you who made it through with me, welcome back! A big part of the reason I'm only just now posting has to do with my implementation of this year's goals for this blog. I'd like to share those with you, especially since it means big changes for Visions of Other Worlds.

Over the Christmas break, I had time to look over this blog. I decided that I hated it. And, if I hate it, what chance do you, my readers, have? Not a good thing. I began to brainstorm. And it didn't take much of it to realize what my problem was and how to go about fixing it.

I'm a geek at heart. I love writing short stories on Saturday mornings while DVDs of my favorite childhood cartoons blare in the background. I spend Sundays killing my virtual enemies in Guild Wars 2 as my onscreen avatar does twirly-things with her magical staff. I've read - and collected - hundreds of science fiction and fantasy books. When I'm sick, I watch the original Star Wars trilogy over and over. I buy Firefly bottle cap souvenirs. Gollum is my paperweight and Jabba the Hutt holds up my stack of writing books. I spent much of my childhood nights memorizing the locations of the constellations. When I was a teenager, I discovered and read all the X-Men comics then published in a year's time. I helped my grandmother make several medieval dresses and one very epic midnight-black cloak, all of which I still own. I think it's fun to research black hole anomalies and the science behind solar sailing. If the Tardis landed in my living room this second, I would beg and plead for a look at the Dark Ages. I follow other geeks on Twitter and read fantasy news blogs.

Basically, I live and breathe "other worlds." Writing science fiction and fantasy is only an extension of what I love spending my free time doing.

I want to share that with you. I have for a long time. But old habits die hard. I was told through my childhood and teenage years that it was inappropriate to enjoy these things so much. Especially - from a small group of people - since I am female. When I got older and began to write, I got the idea in my head that a certain level of decorum was required in order to "make it" as a writer, even for one who wrote about fantastical things. That decorum included a blog that safely stayed within the boundaries of writing about writing.

I think that is ridiculous. You are reading the blog of a science fiction and fantasy writer. When I'm not writing it, I'm involved in it. It's not that I don't want to write about writing. But I don't want that to be all I do.

So, my plans and goals for the New Year involve turning Visions of Other Worlds into what I have secretly wanted it to be all along: a haven for SF and fantasy geekdom in all its myriad forms (at least, as they pertain to what I know). 

This doesn't mean I'm giving up on writing about writing. I do like to share things I've learned with others on the same path. But it will be about science fiction and fantasy and it will have to share time with geeky things now.

To this end, I'm implementing a new blog schedule, starting next week:
  • Writer Wednesday
  • Fantasy Friday
  • Science Fiction Saturday
It may change, but this is what I would like to make happen. That way, if you read only for writing tips, you know to come around on Wednesday. If fantasy isn't your thing but you want a review on the latest SF book I've read, tune in on Saturday. Obviously, I hope all three will appeal to you but that's not going to happen with everyone.

In addition, I plan to run more excerpts from my own writing since that has been a popular demand in the past. Eventually, I'll open up guest posting and will be running more surveys for ideas from you all. I will also be redesigning the blog, so it may look odd from time to time as I adjust things.

The implementation of all of this will depend on how heavy work is. It's light now, but it doesn't always stay that way. Not to mention that I'm hopping back into the fiction at full steam...but details on that will have to wait for another post. ;)

What do you think? Are you excited about the changes? Anything you would like me to consider in my subject rotation? What about you? Have you added new challenges to your blogging this year? Tell me about them in the comments and/or link to your blog so I can take a look!


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


  1. These changes sound great! I'm sorry that anybody ever made you feel like it wasn't appropriate to be into fantasy/sci-fi stuff. Make your blog what you want it to be--and besides, there's definitely an audience for all this. I'll be reading! Oh, and if you need any help with redesigning, this sounds like fun, so let me know!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I think there's definitely an audience out there, too. I can't wait to begin connecting with them (and you!).

      I would love some of your redesigning magic. There might be some buts in there, though. I'll email you. :)

  2. I like the idea. I think blog posts are more fun to read when the writer is posting about things they enjoy. (Also, I like Science Fiction and Fantasy as well.)

    And, as you said in the comment you left and in this post, there is a lot about pressuring people to be something they aren't. To change in some areas is good, growth in some things. But to change personalities isn't. God made us who we are and we shouldn't change it to be like everyone else.

    1. I think so, too, Jack. I've noticed that I enjoy reading the blogs where the author is clearly excited about what they're doing.

      I agree 100%. Thanks for stopping by this way!

  3. I look forward to the changes to your blog! Personally, I find it difficult to write about my writing, and my own blog is evolving into a mix of all of the things that I am passionate about. I have found that I can find a connection with almost anyone if they are writing about something that they truly care about, even if it is on a topic that I don't have a strong personal interest in. I think that most people who read the blogs of writers probably do so to get a peek at what else the writer is interested in, to learn more about the personality behind the writing. Just because you're a writer, it doesn't mean that you have to just blog about writing.

    And I also love fantasy and science fiction so I will be certainly happy to read more about that anyway! Good luck!

  4. Happy New Year Jessica!
    You have some awesome plans in store... good luck!

  5. I hope all your plans work out. It sounds like you have some exciting plans in store. I look forward to following your progress.

  6. Yes!! I applaud you! Glad I wasn't the only teenage girl reading X-Men comics - I read BOXES of them. I got the Marvel Encyclopedia for my birthday this year and me and my daughter (5) sit and look through it reading about all the different characters. YEAY for Geek Girls. I felt the same about my blog - it's definitely a repository for my interests (Greek Mythology being a prime one) with some bits and bobs about stuff I care about (like mental health). Your blog SHOULD reflect you - there are dozens of blogs about writing but the ones which work are the ones with real personality. You go girl!


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