13 February, 2013

Visions of Other Worlds Relaunch

Hello and welcome to the relaunch of Visions of Other Worlds, everyone!

As promised, some big changes have been occurring. I'm sure you've noticed by now. The new blog will deal with fantasy, science fiction, and horror in all their myriad forms from books and movies to video games and comic books. Sometimes these will be highlights, other times discussions, news, or interviews.

I also formulated a new schedule to go with the new look. Expect new posts on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. For those of you who have expressed interest in my stories, excerpts, news, and free stories will occur on Wednesdays.

If the new design still has you a bit bewildered or you're one of those who needs a map to enjoy your adventures, here are a few of the highlights:

Social Media

There are several shiny, new buttons over to my right. Unlike many other buttons we encounter daily, these you may touch. In fact, I encourage you to click them fast and often. Go crazy.


The whole purpose of Visions has shifted. I thought it might be helpful if you knew what you were getting into before it happened. Read the about page to get a handle on what the new normal is.


In case you need to talk to me privately or you missed the shiny buttons mentioned previously, the contact page is where you go to find out where I'm at and how you can reach me.

Published Work

All of my short stories that have been published are listed here, with links where they're still available. Visit my published work page to get access to some of my past stories.

This isn't everything. Not yet, at least. I have two more pages coming, as well as some extra sidebar goodies. But I got excited about the design and my posts for this week, so here we are. Ready with a little bit of cleaning still to be done.

What do you think? I want to hear from you. Anything particular stand out? Are you slowly losing your mind in the black of space back behind me? I want to hear from you!

Also remember to bookmark, subscribe, like, or whatever you need to do to get updates from me. The first of my brand new Fantasy Friday posts will be released this week, with Science Fiction Saturday to follow.  And there might just be something in there about my current work in progress. So I wouldn't miss it (if you're the curious type, that is)!

Coming Up This Week...

  • The tastiest fantasy books of 2013 that we're all dying to read
  • Defining science fiction once and for all


Image by nuaHs via deviantART.


  1. I love your new look, Jessica! It really looks great. I'm also looking forward to your new posts, although I'm afraid that your post on 2013's fantasy books is just going to add more titles to my never-ending list of books I want to read...

    1. Thank you, Heather! I'm so glad you like it.

      Isn't that always the case? But would we really want to run out of books? In the short term, it's annoying to never get to the end of a reading list. The long run, however, provides us with nonstop adventures!


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