10 April, 2015

I is for Icarus [A to Z Challenge 2015]

Another Friday means another flash fiction piece for Flash! Friday. I'm tired and out of sorts today but I just couldn't leave it alone after coming so close last week. It's a like a drug, I tell you. You can  read the actual entry here.

Enjoy and come back tomorrow for the letter 'J' and all the pretties that I am pairing with it....


by Jessica Marcarelli

I kneel in the slime left by a thousand rain cycles and hold out my cup. Acid from the atmospheric vents overhead drips over the porcelain rim.

A man stumbles by, his skin blistered like all the other sufferers here. Rumor has it the disease rose from terraforming imbalances as the first miners arrived.

It’s called the Icarus Syndrome, taken from some Lost Earth myth. Named for the hubris of those who can’t leave well enough alone. They sent me. Government officials who can’t let go of a trillion pounds of whatever passes for coin these days out in the ‘verse. I was sent to spy out the ore that will power a thousand worldships.

Except the miners never found it.

And I’m not interested. My hope is in the ship legend told me was buried here. Solar wings on a battered hull. An engine fueled by the same acid falling into my cup. Soon, I’ll sail close enough to the bloated monstrosity of a star this system calls a sun to collect the energy the ship needs to make that one jump all the way back to the ancient world where humanity took its first wide-eyed steps into the void.

This vessel is my ticket home.


  1. I really hope there's more to this story somewhere, because I like what you've written here. I'm intrigued.

    1. Thank you! I love getting that reaction. There's another kinda-sorta story that this came from but nothing else. I really like the universe, however, so I'm thinking about expanding it.

  2. A nice piece of fiction, or is that a verse. Wonderfully writted. Please do write what happens next!!

    1. Oops typo.. Wonderfully written :)

    2. Thank you! I don't have anything more yet but I'll let you know when I do!

  3. Such a bleak world you've created--and, wow, I'm impressed by the amount of story you've been able to invest in so few lines, without weighing any of those lines down with unnecessary detail. A beautifully crafted flash piece, compete in and of itself. Really enjoyed this--thank you.

  4. Really well done. Dark and mysterious and kept me wanting to read more. Nice!


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