Published Work

In the past two decades, I have written dozens of stories, many bad poems, and several novels, as well as hundreds of articles through my freelance writing business. Below is a list of my published works with the newest at the top. Some of the stories are linked to directly while others are linked to the publications that featured them.

Short Stories

God is With You - Beyond the Binding (2014)
A Soldier's Regret - Shelter of Daylight (2009)
The Quest for the Straight Road - Planet Tolkien (2005)
No Valley Low Enough - Encounters with God 2 (2006)
No Valley Low Enough -  Encounter Magazine (2005)
Building Bridges - Encounter Magazine (2004)


Timeworn Tome - vox poetica (2013)
My Heart's Desire - Encounter Magazine (2004)

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