02 April, 2019

Babouscka ( #AtoZChallenge )

Fantasy has long been a love of mine. Starting with fairy tales as a child, leading into folklore and legends, and finally culminating in the discovery of J.R.R. Tolkien, it has always held sway over my fancy. Reading the old tales only invigorates my own imagination.

Though I have no blood ties to the country, Russian fairy tales have always held an extra level of mystique and fascination for me, same as Russian romantic composers and ballets have always absorbed my attention. My favorite of these I found one day when I was about 8, browsing through a stack of children's books in the library: Babouscka. I have no idea who wrote that particular version. I don't even have a clear memory of the illustrations. But the story has always been close to my tragic-leaning heart.

Babouscka receives from the Magi passing by her humble home an invitation to join them in their quest for the Christ-child. She refuses, whether through fear or busyness or disbelief, but almost instantly regrets it. Her sorrow builds as much time passes before she, too, must seek the Child. The wise men are long gone and she, a little old ignorant woman, has no idea where He should be sought but she is determined. She wanders into nurseries far and wide, carrying toys and treats so as not to scare the children, and peeking into cradles to see the great King she seeks. When she does not find Him, she sorrowfully continues on. You can find the entire tale, beautifully told, here.

What fairy tales or folklore inflame your imagination?



This is a post for the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, one post (and letter) for each day in April. I hope to see you tomorrow for the letter C!


  1. I grew up reading Russian fairy tales! Babouscka sounds like a poignant tale. Will check out the link you provided. As soon as I saw your post, I thought of anther character from Russian fairy tales--and that name starts with B too! Baba Yaga. That witch gave me the creeps.

    1. Ah, I remember Baba Yaga! Even the name gives me the creeps. That's a mark of a good tale!


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